Brewing Methodology Sheets


- Acidity in coffee is often desirable / positive
- Sourness is acidity
- Under extracted coffee generally tastes more acidic
- Over extracted coffee generally tastes more bitter
- Positive acidity is when the acidic compounds are balanced with sweetness
- The quality of the water and the extraction temperature of the water, greatly impacts the acidic compounds
- Positive descriptions of acidity present in coffee are vibrant, wine-like, complex, effervescent, bright, citric
- In The UAE and areas that have desalination, Chloride levels will also cause the coffee to taste sour

Do coffees from around the world taste different?

Is it possible to generalise?  Do the terroir, altitude, climatic conditions, rainfall and temperature impact flavor?

Often certain varietals are typically found in coffee growing countries, selected because they thrive and suit certain conditions; but also, most countries will share a typical or preferred method of processing which must be considered when evaluating distinctive origin characteristics.  So, to wildly generalise, yes, it is possible to distinguish by taste, coffees from different growing origins.

This is a rough guide to those flavors, and is not going to apply to every coffee everywhere (It also doesn't take roasting or brewing into consideration, and those two things have a major impact on the ultimate characteristics of the coffee).

How does the Subscription work?

Refinery by RAW subscription is a weekly delivery of the coffee we are drinking. It changes whenever the previous lot of coffee is finished. By subscribing you will receive a weekly/ bi weekly or monthly delivery of the brewing method coffee of that week. Your credit card will be billed the day before it is dispatched.

Can I change my subscription?

Of course, its the way we work. Your order is prepared the day before dispatch, so we can change it up to 5pm the day before.

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We do not hold any credit card information. We use a highly secure transaction clearing house to process your payment. This is approved by the UAE 

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