• Driven by the pursuit of the ultimate bean

    An award-winning blend begins long before the beans are roasted. Kim & Matt have worked tirelessly to identify the single origins that make up a blend, roasting and tasting a multitude of different beans from growers located all around the world. Some of these journeys unearth some real jems, incredible single origins unavailable for small-batch production. More often than not, these exceedingly high quality coffees are organically grown in very small quantities and financially unviable for the grower to certify.
    The introduction of the Refinery Fair Trade Mandate has pioneered the ability to create micro-batch production runs. This supports smaller, hard working farmers by paying the appropriate amount for their beans and labour. The Refinery mandate also covers strict guidance to environmental practice and this includes particular focus on location and the surrounding area. The result is a plethora of exceedingly rare coffee strains in exclusively limited editions; roasted to perfection micro-batch coffee available only through Refinery.

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